ICBO 2011 Software Demo

!(alignright size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/files/ICBO2011.png!:http://icbo.buffalo.edu/ AgreementMaker was demo-ed today at the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology. I want to thank everyone that attended, I hope it was a good introduction to AgreementMaker. The "short slides I presented":http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/files/AgreementMaker-ICBO-demo-slides.pdf are now online. Not much to see there, but just in case people were interested in the slides. *Update:* Thank you to all the people that are interested in AgreementMaker. If I didn’t get a chance to speak with you, please feel free to contact me directly (cstroe1 AT cs DOT uic DOT edu).

AgreementMaker v0.23

Hello everyone, AgreementMaker 0.23 is now available for download. Several changes have been made including: * "Jena TDB":https://jena.apache.org/documentation/tdb integration allowing to load ontologies to an on disk directory location. This is useful if you’re working with large ontologies.
!(size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/images/Screenshot-Open-Ontologies.png!

Capability to load an ontology to an on disk location instead of just memory.

The Lexicon builder can now select the properties which are synonym properties and which are definition properties (previously we just used “hasSynonym” and “hasDefinition”). This is useful for dealing with non-standard annotations.
!(size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/images/Screenshot-Lexicon-Builder-Settings2.png!

The lexicon builder dialog, allowing to choose which annotation properties are used in the lexicon building process.

Several algorithms have been extended to allow for “annotation profiling”, letting the user choose which annotations and properties are used in the the computation of the similarity metrics. Previously, the algorithms were hard coded with the standard annotations, such as rdfs:label, rdfs:comment, etc.
!(size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/images/Screenshot-Advanced-Similarity-Matcher-additional-parameters.png!

Annotation profiling has been implemented in several matching algorithms.

... plus several bug fixes.

Merry Christmas! (version 0.22)

!(alignright size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/images/secretlondon_red_present3.png!:http://icbo.buffalo.edu/ Santa came by the ADVIS Laboratory last night and left a new version of AgreementMaker under our tree! I’m glad to share with everyone AgreementMaker version *0.22*. This version includes all our "OAEI 2010":http://oaei.ontologymatching.org/2010/ matching algorithms. AgreementMaker was able to get the best result for the Anatomy track this year. Check out the "results":http://www.dit.unitn.it/~p2p/OM-2010/oaei10_paper1.pdf at the ["Ontology Matching Workshop at ISWC2010":http://om2010.ontologymatching.org/]. The user interface was polished quite a bit also, and also many bugs fixed, so I encourage everyone to update their AgreementMaker. If you are not an ADVIS Partner, you will have to fill out the download form. As always questions, comments, concerns, or any kind of feedback are welcome via email. You can contact me directly at _cstroe1 AT uic DOT edu_ or "Professor Cruz":http://www.cs.uic.edu/Cruz via her public contact options.
!(size-full). http://cdn.agreementmaker.org/web/images/mpanel.png!

The redesigned matching panel, one of the many UI changes.

I would also like to thank Michele Caci, Matteo Palmonari, and Federico Caimi for their hard work in the ADVIS Laboratory. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

AgreementMaker turns 21 ...

… well, not quite. I am happy to announce a new AgreementMaker release, version *0.21*. There are several bugfixes (some quite annoying), plus two new features: * "The SEALS Interface":https://github.com/agreementmaker/agreementmaker.github.io/wiki/SEALS-Interface – just in time for the first OAEI deadline. * "WordNet Lookup":https://github.com/agreementmaker/agreementmaker.github.io/wiki/WordNet-Lookup – when you need to debug your WordNet matcher. I strongly recommend everyone upgrade from version 0.2, since there were a few usability bugs fixed. For the developers working with AgreementMaker in Eclipse, you will just need the updated jar.

Site re-design

Hello everyone, The AgreementMaker site will be moving to a blog format in order to form a more community oriented website. Updates and interesting news will be posted via this blog. Stay tuned.